GCP container registry and terraform provider docker

Here are some snippets you can use to get the terraform docker provider to work with the google container registry

# Your config
provider "google" {}

data "google_client_config" "default" {}

provider "docker" {
  registry_auth {
    address  = ""
    username = "oauth2accesstoken"
    password = "${data.google_client_config.default.access_token}"

data "google_container_registry_image" "myapp_tagged" {
  name = "${var.docker_image_myapp}"
  tag  = "${var.docker_image_tag_myapp}"

data "docker_registry_image" "myapp" {
  name = "${data.google_container_registry_image.myapp_tagged.image_url}"

data "google_container_registry_image" "myapp" {
  name   = "${var.docker_image_myapp}"
  digest = "${data.docker_registry_image.myapp.sha256_digest}"

Now you can use: ${data.google_container_registry_image.myapp.image_url} in as image to get your tagged image in your pods, and get predictable container image update! That URL will be scope as needed (…) and is ready to use in your pods definition.

Your service account must have storage read access.

The round-trip between google_container_registry_image and docker_registry_image enables the fetch of the exact checksum of the tagged version.

Note: this example is not complete (I did not include vars and google provider auth).

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First published on Mon 22 April 2019.